Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Family Room

Family Room,house, interior, interior design
Family Room, upload feito originalmente por Scott Hargis.

4 Lights:
On-camera 430 ex, diffuser cap, up and to the left (to avoid getting too much on the fireplace)
2 SB80's, at various heights, out to my left.
The furthest one is aimed almost straight across to the right wall (the fireplace wall).
The one nearest me is aimed across towards the left wall (where the passthrough is)
The thought was that these lights would "feather" across the middle of the room and light it without being too "flashy".
The third SB80 is actually outside - just out the sliding door beyond the fireplace. It's aimed directly across at the left wall, side-lighting the couch and lamps and stuff.